We have a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with tax authorities such as the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, EDD, and other agencies. We know how to effectively communicate and get the desired results from any taxing authorities. Many come to us specifically to assist with their audit representation.

Time and time again we see people being harassed and having their livelihoods threatened by past due tax balances or even erroneous tax adjustments. We have various tools we can use to get the IRS and other agencies off your back. With our vast network of professionals, and connections to various taxing agencies we will strive to get you the best result.

Some things we may do for you include:

  • Audit representation
  • Putting you on uncollectable status
  • Release of Lien or Levy
  • Setting up installment agreement
  • Offer in compromises

Call us today and we will get you moving in the right direction right now.


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