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Mike has over a decade in experience working for various tax firms ranging from top firms in the nation to smaller specialized boutique firms. His background includes middle market companies ($10m – $500m) with an emphasis in the Entertainment, Technology, Media, Manufacturing, and Hospitality industries. Currently Mike’s clients primarily consist of small to medium sized businesses and more involved individual tax returns. He brings sophisticated tax planning and structuring down to a simplistic and practical level.

Being located in Los Angeles, Mike has a strong presence in the entertainment industry. His entertainment client base ranges from production companies, actors, athletes, musicians, influencers, streamers, and everything in between. Aside from navigating the complexities of corporate/individual taxation, there are many infrequently used multi-state apportionment methodologies that benefit the entertainment industry where Mike previously saved clients’ tens of millions of dollars in state taxes..

Mike’s individual tax returns primarily consist of business owners, investors, tech/start up employees, stock options/exit planning, real estate professionals and high net worth individuals. He builds a custom-tailored approach to each clients’ situation to meet their tax and financial goals.


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